The Comfort of Traveling from Hong Kong to Shenzhen on a Limo

Traveling from Hong Kong to Shenzhen is really easy. Considering the options available, it only takes a few minutes before you are settled and be on your way to your destination. The best option is using a car that picks you up from Hong Kong Airport all the way to Shenzhen. For our Cross Border from Hong Kong to Shenzhen way to get there.

The service is a 7-seater minivan our Toyota Alphard that you will find easy, safe and comfortable to use. The process of getting into one is also easy. You just have to purchase the ticket near the departure gate. It would cost you around 160 RMB/HKD. There are agents standing in the area. You just have to tell them where you are going and they will hand you the ticket right away. They will also slap a sticker on your clothes. You will then be directed to the area in which the limousine is waiting. We are proud to introduce our famous Nissan Elgrand.

Be careful not to book in advance because it might be interpreted as reserving the entire limo to your group. Unless you are traveling in large groups, it would be best if you just buy the ticket upon arrival. If you intend to book the entire limo, it would cost you around HKD1,000 to HKD2,000. Another thing that you need to remember is that the service is only good during regular hours. If you arrive quite late at night, you might have to go to the counter, as you might not find the agents at the gate. Arriving beyond midnight would be really difficult for you to get into a limo service. Pooling with other passengers to take a taxi is another option.  Most of all, don’t be tempted to take a bus as you might be asked to walk to the border and then back to the bus,

The entire journey is just from 45 minutes to 1 hour. There are 2 borders that you can go into. The Huanggang border is the closest to Shenzhen Central while the Shenzhen Bay border is nearer to the airport.

If you have booked a hotel in Shenzhen, it is possible to reserve an airport pick up service to take you directly to the hotel you’re staying. For taxi services, make sure that you choose the ones that are painted maroon and make sure that you ask them first if they use meter to avoid being overcharged. Spas and saunas also provide minivans that will take you to the spa location. Or you may choose our beautiful Mercedes Benz S550.


What to do once in Mainland

After you have arrived at Mainland China, you need to immediately locate the place that you are staying. You might be dropped in areas where taxi drivers are waiting for you. It is best if you have business cards or address of the hotel where you are staying written in Chinese. This will make it easy for you to get to your destination. You also have to make sure that you have the appropriate visa so you won’t get in trouble at the border. If you are pooling with other passengers, you might cause delays and could even be left behind. Nevertheless, with a limo experience, everything will be smooth and fast. 

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