Hong Kong Tour for 3 hours

Price based on 3 hour
Rental rate excludes tunnel, bridge toll, highway and parking fee

An extra fee at HK$50 for all service between 06:00-09:59 and 18:00-23:59

An extra fee at HK$300 for all services between midnight to 05:59

Available in cities:


HKD 1,590

(just HKD 32.45 per pax)

Sold by Trans-Island Limousine Service Limited

Pricing Options

Pricing Options

Mercedes Benz Sedan

Base fare: HKD 1,800.00, surcharges: HKD 0.00

HKD 1800.00 (3 pax)

from HKD 600.00 per pax

45 /49 Seater Coach

Base fare: HKD 1,590.00, surcharges: HKD 0.00

HKD 1590.00 (49 pax)

from HKD 32.45 per pax