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Pic-up van specifically designed for an outside line Movies and set both bridal car, I Die before and after the new array length Frod Transit vans take independent air-conditioned cabin space filled with people even if the King will not even feel forced compartment behind planted with special special makeup for the bride and provided with changing clothes space Wuxi press with finger changing clothes place around, the bride can take the air conditioning system into the surface cool to live with changing clothes Wupa makeup makeup sun Movies & D phase solution come out and walk Well pretty.

Pic-up van 係一架專為外影而設既新娘化妝車, 我哋採用全新Frod Transit長陣客貨車前後坐獨立冷氣車廂空間特大就算坐满人都唔會覺迫, 車廂後面種有專為新娘而設專用化妝同换衫空間唔洗周圍搵地方換衫, 新娘可以坐係入面凉住冷氣補妝同換衫唔怕個妝溶晒影D相出黎唔靚。


Ford Transit Van

Pic-up van - special makeup bridal car, designed for both outer shadow and set bridal car, the bride can be used as make-up and changing clothes, and has air-conditioning, can be avoided when dissolved keep makeup makeup. Pic-up van - 新娘專用化妝車,專為外影而設既新娘化妝車,新娘可用作化妝及換衫,並設有冷氣,可避免補妝時不停妝溶。

Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong; Kowloon, Hong Kong; New Territories, Hong Kong

Hourly: HKD 300.00

No Hidden Fees, Service Charge Included

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Getting the limousine package is usually a better way to go. Most deals include gratuity (tips), bottle of champagne, water and sign. Also, meet-and-greet for transfers, parking fees and tolls, if any. You can choose a limousine package from the following categories: Anniversary, Prom, City Tour and so on..

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