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Since 1970, the Company has operated school bus services for more than 40 years. Has been reputable, in line with the growing business, 100 Po Tourism Automobile Company in 1988 for the development of Limited, and strive to provide customers with safe, economical and reliable access services. The company's services include: pick-up and return to school and residence for the factory to provide staff to pick up car rental and tourism groups for sightseeing tours and so on. The Company also continue to develop new services diversified areas, in order to strive for excellence, to meet customer requirements for the premise.



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Pak Po Auto & Touring Co Ltd 百寶旅遊汽車有限公司 offers pick-up and drop-off services in the following airports in New Territories, Hong Kong:

Pak Po Auto & Touring Co Ltd 百寶旅遊汽車有限公司 provides private chauffeured transfers in the following hotels in New Territories, Hong Kong:

If you are planning a wedding look no further, Pak Po Auto & Touring Co Ltd 百寶旅遊汽車有限公司 offers wedding packages for the following wedding venues:

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